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Target Audience: This event is for academics, researchers, physicians, nurses, midwives, nutritionists, pharmacists, healthcare administrators, biologists, psychologists, sociologists, social workers and other professionals.

Expected Attendance: 50<

Deadline: November 4, 2022

Contact secretariat(@)presda.org for questions or to receive an invoice and mailing instructions.


As much as possible, we aim to be a carbon-neutral event. Therefore, if you are interested in promotion in our event, we can offer the following options:

Event Holding Slide

While participants wait for a session to start – have your corporate logo displayed on the screen!

  • 10,000 JPY to sponsor the holding slide per session

Send an E-mail to all Participants

Simply provide us with your html email and we will send it out to all participants in advance of the event.

  • 15,000 JPY per email blast

Exhibition Table

Not available for this event.


Placing an advert in the Official Event Program provides you with the best form of return-on-investment. The program is given to all participants and serves as a record of participation.

Specs, Placement and Rates

  • A4 size, high resolution, color advert
  • Outside Back Cover: JPY 35,000
  • Inside Front Cover: JPY 30,000
  • Inside Back Cover: JPY 28,000
  • Double Page Spread: JPY 25,000
  • Inside Full Page: JPY 20,000